Our Mission and Vision

Our Mission:

Our Mission at Oxbridge Futures is simple – we want our students to succeed. We feel that by offering an integrated service, from admissions through to university application and every milestone in between, our students are in the best possible position to reach their potential. Successful students are those who receive the support, academic or otherwise, to maintain focus on their studies and achieve their ambitious academic goals. Our ethos is “Your Success, Our Pride”

Our Vision:

We began as a small operation, allowing us to know our students individually and tailor our support to meet the individual needs. As we’ve grown, Oxbridge Futures has been able to transfer this work ethic onto a larger scale, so that our students and partners can reap the benefits of a personalised service, whilst having the access to all that Oxbridge Futures can offer. Going forwards, Oxbridge Futures can guarantee that each student is an individual, and the needs of each student are our priorities.

Our Core Strengths:

Academically Focused

Our tutors and staff are academically minded, and from Oxford, Cambridge and other top tier universities. This experience of the UK Academic system allows us to offer truly specialised support and additional tuition to the benefit of the students.

Safeguarding Students

We support students through each part of their academic journey. By maintaining a focus on the student and safeguarding their wellbeing, in addition to educational support, we’re able to provide an environment to help students achieve their goals.

Personalised Support

To ensure any potential issues are quickly resolved we offer individualised support for each student throughout their journey with Oxbridge Futures. Tailoring the service to meet the needs of the student allows them to focus on their Academic goals.

Integrated Service

Helping students to focus on their studies should not be overcomplicated, difficult, or distracting from academics. The smooth transition to support services with Oxbridge Guardians allows continuous support by our multinational management team.

Results Driven

Our students set themselves ambitious goals, which through our support services we can help them achieve. In this way, many previous Oxbridge Futures students have gone onto study at top tier universities worldwide, including Oxford and Cambridge.

Efficient Communication

24 hour support, translation and communication is provided by our multinational team. Our prompt and efficient service allows effective communication, which in turn benefits students and enables them to focus on achieving their academic goals.

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